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Scott Olsen Gets Drunk and Nails the Bat Rack

April 16, 2008

A thug in ace's clothing
I was watching the highlights of Scott Olsen’s stellar pitching performance against the Braves last night (April 15th) and caught the highlight of Jeff Francoeur getting knocked down when he grounded out to end the sixth inning. Francoeur popped up and yelled something at presumably first baseman Mike Jacobs, but it also could’ve been Olsen, who stepped over Francoeur clapping his way back to the dugout. I’m amazed Olsen didn’t kick Francoeur in the gut while he was down. Olsen’s kind of a bad person, and here’s why I say it.

May 2006: Olsen gets into a fight with veteran reliever Randy Messenger and acquires a big-ass black eye.

July 2006: After teammate Miguel Cabrera half-asses it on a groundball and smirks following the play, Olsen and Cabrera get into it in the dugout. Granted, Cabrera’s at fault here, and I have no love for him either.

September 2006: Olsen, who’s made no secret of hating the Phillies, yells at Chase Utley after Utley called time after a 3-0 count and subsequently walked.

June 2007: Olsen flips off Brewers fans.

July 2007: Olsen fights with teammate Sergio Mitre and promptly gets suspended for insubordination.

July 2007: This is the best, really. A drunk Olsen goes 48 in a 35 mph zone at 3:40am in a Miami suburb. After an officer tries to pull him over, Olsen drives on for a mile, runs a stop sign, gets out at his house, sits down on a plastic chair in front of his home, and waits for the fuzz. When backup officers arrive and try to arrest him, Olsen kicks at the officers, who use a stun gun on the inebriated 6-foot-5 jock-ass. He was arrested on charges of driving under the influence, resisting an officer with violence and fleeing and eluding a police officer, and was then released on an $11,000 bond.

He then escaped jail as so many athletes do, and participated in the Pretrial Diversion Program.

Here’s an interview with his agent, who later took the team president to task for not wanting to keep Olsen if he went to jail. And so did Olsen:

Scott Olsen said he expects to pitch for the Marlins next season, even though team President David Samson has said the left-hander won’t be welcome back if he is convicted of felony charges stemming from his arrest in July.
“Well, he really doesn’t control who comes and who goes, does he?’’ Olsen said of Samson on Sunday. “As far as I’m concerned it’s the general manager, assistant general manager and owner who do that.
“The team president, I don’t know what the hell he does. He tries to find a stadium. I don’t think he actually has a top hand in the on-field personnel. I think that’s (GM Larry) Beinfest and (assistant GM Mike) Hill and (owner Jeffrey) Loria way before him.’’

So Olsen’s now apparently dating a former Marlins and current Panthers (NHL) cheerleader named Desi. I’m waiting for him to blow his stack this year and do something ridiculous, like black out in a rage on the mound or drive a forklift into Charlie Crist. Wow, this guy could be a train wreck if he has a bad outing.


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One Comment
  1. matt linds permalink

    I dont know if this idiot is still dating that cheerleader. But i do know that back in the day she slept with half of the Marlins team including Cabrera AND Randy Messenger. It seems like Scottle has a really high self esteem huh!. Gettin into brawls and dating MAYAH groopies!!

    I MUST agree with everything you said my friend…
    Hes not doing so great now huh…Karma is a bitch…

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